Month: January 2016

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Top 5 Teleportation Video Evidences

As more and more cameras are finding their way into pockets, more and more evidence about teleportation have started to emerge, so just for you we’ve compiled the list of Top 5 Teleportation Video Evidences. […]

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Top 100 UFO Videos Of 2015 Compilation

Holy cow…… Never seen such good quality UFO content ever, Checkout this amazing Top 100 UFO videos of 2015 compilation. My personal favorite was blue hovering UFO which kind of looked like upside down boat, […]

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Is This UFO Or Strange Drone Over Paris

In recent days UFO or Strange Drone sightings have doubled. Adding one more count to sighting numbers this video which was uploaded by Youtube Ufologist SECTION 51 2.0, who claims this stunts showing craft was […]