Top 5 Teleportation Video Evidences


As more and more cameras are finding their way into pockets, more and more evidence about teleportation have started to emerge, so just for you we’ve compiled the list of Top 5 Teleportation Video Evidences.

1) Russian Ghost Car

A random car suddenly appears in busy traffic of russia out of nowhere. We watched the video couple times, but still we were not able to come to any conclusion, what actually happened and how did that ghost car suddenly teleported on to road. what do you guys think?


2) Teleporting Alien Jinn Child From Nepal

This CCTV footage was captured in Nepal, while crowded street full of nepali people were passing by or doing shopping, one child maybe eleven to twelve years old, suddenly jumps out of a portal, but no one noticed him. According to the conspiracy theory youtube channel UFO Union Tv this was child was Alien Jinn, who was probably running from something or someone.

3) Teleporting Dog Who Was Nearly Killed By Drag Racers


A group of friends who were minding their own business and recording the cars drag racing were left shocked when a dog quickly jumped out of a portal. But luckly that dog was as friendly as dog of earth.

4) Secret Governments Teleporting Car

Group of normal looking cars were traveling, but one car seems to be doing a time jump was caught in traffic surveillance camera. As time traveling is weird thing and hard to understand, so it’s hard to tell how much time did that car actually spent in another dimension.

5) Teleporting Biker Captured On Camera By Young Girl

Teleportation captured on camera by young girl child, which was discovered a month later. It’s well know that forces, we human don’t yet fully understand exists and manipulate the fabric of space and time and this last video along with other raises the question that we humans quickly need to invest in studying Teleportation or maybe government’s are not teleporting people using LHC/ Cern

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