Fall of Liberals and Rise of Trump EXPLAINED


Rise of Trump came as a shock for many and shockwaves can still be felt, if you read the Liberal News & Media.

Everything was going good for Liberals across the globe and it was getting clear by each passing day that, New World Order will be in action sooner than expected. But then conservatives and nationalists not just in United States but in United Kingdom and rest of the globe, started getting the all time high support.

The victory of Donald Trump sent the Liberal Thinktanks in to dungeons, who predicted the massive victory of Hillary Clinton and that was back in 2016.

But now 2020 is a different world Trump said, China unleashed the China Virus destroyed the world order and economies. Trump was indeed working hard to Make America Great Again, while china scratched its head and wondered, how they can make a Great Trade Deal and every one say it coming that China was about to be smashed by the Alpha male in the world order.

Now 2020 came and its almost gone, world is fighting poverty, hunger and biggest of all China Virus…. oops, I mean Corona Virus aka Covid-19. Government are fighting the Second wave and trying to save the Lucrative Christmas Economies.

Lets now talk about Liberal world, well many people are blaming them to be out of touch from the reality, mean while Liberal leaders are trying hard to divide people in more further groups, because one thing Britishers taught the modern humans well is Divide and Rule which worked well for their Global Dominance.


Shocking things Liberals are doing these days, which will definitely push world to be Right wing ruled –

  • Liberal Leaders playing the game of chess and openly saying that Freedom of speech have limits, which sound more like a (Dictatorship and End of Freedom of Speech).
  • Staying silent on Humans Rights Abuse in China, especially what they’re doing to Muslims and Buddhists after they occupied Tibet and other lands.
  • Islamo-Left lobby dominating the Left-wing, other religious groups feel unimportant.
  • Blaming Trump for deaths and Covid-19 Infections in United States while ignoring the fact the countries which are not ruled by Donald Trump are also suffering greatly with high deaths and infection number.
  • Blaming instead of helping will always push people away from you, I hope left will learn this.
  • Opening up to opposite ideas, which both left and right needs to do, while Left needs to do it little more.
  • Liberals can atleast appreciate Trump for reducing the unemployment (if we exclude the Covid-19 impact and yes Economic Recovery)

Lets just hope, I didn’t hurt your feelings with this post, because its now easier to get offended, I guess plan of political pundits worked will.

– I will try to update this article in immediate future and if you’ve any suggestions people feel free to post in comments. I will try to include the best ones.

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