latest ufo sightings

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Drone Vs UFO Is Best Video Of June 2016

Is Drone vs UFO video best evidence to date, which completely exposes the aliens who are now, so impatient that they’ve actually started attacking our drones trying to make everyday videos. A Youtuber who just wanted […]

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Did NASA Attacked A UFO ???

According to a video uploaded by Conspiracy theorist Youtuber ‘Mister Enigma’, NASA attacked a ufo which was already leaving the earth. While watching this video, the first question to strike my brain was, Did secret earth […]

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Cigar Shaped UFO Above Mont Fort, Swiss Alps

Shocking video of Cigar Shaped UFO was caught flying smoothly over the Monthfort, Switzerland Alps. Video which is making rounds among conspiracy theorist community on facebook and other social network sites is raising lot of questions about […]