2 UFO Videos From Europe Are The Craziest Things Of The Day


These 2 UFO Videos are surely going to give you chills. Both videos were recorded in European region one above the Mediterranean Sea while another one was recorded in Russia.

1. Watch as UFO Inspects The Plane Over Mediterranean Sea

This strange UFO which totally not looks CGI, was caught inspecting the plane above the Mediterranean Sea somewhere between two European countries, Italy and Greece. According to reports UFO which was way more advance then the tech we humans have, got so shocked that it check out our plane as passenger recorded the encounter from the transparent window of flying tube.

It’s unclear what UFO pilots found interesting about our tech, who are suspected to be Aliens if not secret government workers. Maybe they wanted to read the sponsors message aka advertisement pasted on the plane.

Now if you’re having mixed feeling, watch the second video out of 2 UFO Videos.

2. Watch as UFO Inspects The Plane Over Mediterranean Sea

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