USA Russia Weapons Media Lobby Wants India Pakistan WAR ?


While world was focusing on Trump-Kim Summit, India Pakistan WAR started, which might turn into a world killer, last Nuclear War.

While observing the News Propaganda constantly feeding Indians and Pakistani civilians to gain support, I noticed a disturbing trend, While an article from United States, Liberal media house NYT seems to be provoking Indians, while taking Pakistans side, Russian Conservative media house RT was taking sort of a dual approach.


RT in some articles mocked how its a shameful situation for INDIA, as it lost its fighter aircrafts, while pusing Pakistan fighters airplanes back, while in other article it took India side and mocked how Pakistani fighter airplane F16 was shotdown by Vintage MIG 21.

Which triggered a war or words by normal people on social media and filled the comment sections with hate, memes and rage gifs.

Everyone was enjoying the present moment filling them with proud and nationalism in both India and Pakistan. Even I was having a moment, though I am a moderate person.

Being a gamer, who loves playing Clash Royale and PubG, something totally sent me into shame and shock, which pushed me into questioning my joy for India taking revenge for alleged terrorist attacks sponsored by Pakistani government on Indian soil, which killed more than 40 indian soldiers.

So this is what happend, I started my present favourite PubG Mobile game, which i proudly say is new facebook, as you can play and talk about your life, events and news on game chat. When I selected the 4 player mode to play the game, I already had my FB friend with me from INDIA and two position were left for random players. To my surprise two pakistani friends, joined our PubG squad.

Even though our Mic’s and Speakers were switched ON, no one said nothing, while we could clearly hear the background noises and voices of Namaz and Hindu Puja, while it appeared that Namaz call was coming from Mosque, Hindu Puja was sounded like to be coming from Bollywood TV series being played on TV in background.

Then our PubG game started and I broke to silence by saying, “Or kese ho sab aka Hey hows everyone”, then came a sound which sounded like a male child voice, who might be Seven to Eight years old. He said, Aap kaha se ho aka Where are you from in polite way, that kid could’ve used the aggressive words after noticing the Indian flags on our profiles, but he used the word “AAP” which polite while “TU” would be Aggresive and non polite.

I replied, bro I am from INDIA and I think you’re from neighbouring Pakistan, he said yes and after a small pause, he asked me: Do you want WAR. I was confussed and didn’t said anything at first, but then I said NO, because I knew I was talking to a kid and at this very moment I lost my nationalist lust for INDIA taking revenge from Pakistan, even though its Pakistani government who might be indulge in proxy war against INDIA. While civilians of both countries have nothing to do with it.

I will not life, questioning voice of that kid is still struck in my mind, and he was scared as hell, which was clearly prominent in is questions and voice, Oh yeh he asked me more questions, and I tried my best to assure him, no India pakistan war, is not going to happen. While I knew just moments ago I was also in adults of both countries, who wanted India pakistan war or even nesty Nuclear War.

One thing is very clear, governments of both nations wants to go on war, and I won’t be surprised, if someone in some developed country wants Media houses to fule the situation, so War lobby could get the benefit by selling the weapons needed for war’s.

But we must focus on how, tech and games are changing, how people overcome the States Propaganda in new age of technology and innovation.