You Will Feel Sad For Not Being A CANADIAN After Watching This Video


What I realised after watching this video, Being a Canadian might be the best thing, which can happen to you. It’s no wonder that Canada is constantly scoring a place in the List of Top 5 best Countries In The World – Canada which boasts the highest quality of life of any of the countries, due to its open immigration laws which allowed migrants from all across globe to be a part of Canadian Dream.


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Canada economically and politically stable, family friendly, and has well-developed public health and education systems.

I don’t want to criticize any country as many wants to build walls these days & kick-out the already suffering humans who’ve no choice but to migrate in hope for a better life or stay behind and die in the countries which persecute them for their faith and religion.

So let’s just jump to watch the this Positive video Titled “An Open Letter to Uncle Canada” which was made by very popular Indo-Canadian Youtuber a son of Immigrant parents, who moved to Canada in hope of Living Canadian Dream.

I wish I could get a surprise Tweet, Message, Call from Canadian PM Justin Trudeau telling me that, Hey Mr. Ghost would you like to live the Canadian Dream and spread the word how awesome we are, here’s a Free Canadian Citizenship for you my friend 😉

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