Ghost in the Shell Official Trailer 1 – A Scarlett Johansson Film ?


Scarlett Johansson is looking super hot in Ghost in the Shell Official Trailer 1. Being a Ghost, I am a huge fan of Sci-fi and Scary Movies, But Ghost In The Shell is special for me, as it shares a portion of a name with mine.

Well let’s jump to the¬†GHOST IN THE SHELL¬†OFFICIAL TRAILER 1 Breakdown, A traditional Japanese looking lady with¬†a creepy mask marks the beginning of¬†Ghost In The Shell Trailer As she appears to be walking toward the people sitting¬†around the dinner table “Clearly they’re not discussing¬†to nuke the world you human’s call home”.¬†It didn’t take’s long as that Creepy mask lady, turns out to be a more creepier spider-like¬†robot, which will definitely scare the crap out of some men, who were getting attracted to her perfect Japanese¬†body, hidden under the clothes. As she lays her eyes on the¬†Male, she wanted to take a hostage, Action and stunts shots are unleashed to keep the innocent brains of human entertained, as I am confident action and killings¬†are what humans love to do alot¬†in Real and in Reel Life.

Suddenly my super favourite Scarlett Johansson appears, glazing at Downtown of some fictional city and out of nowhere she decides before jumping from the roof-top but first she chooses to undress and transform herself into a Super Hot Scarlett Johansson.

After jumping from the Roof, She too turns out to be another Robot, but a Hot Killer Robot LOL, anyways, I don’t wants you lazy humans to read what I have to say about this¬†Trailer, So just¬†click the watch button and watch the Amazing Trailer.

    WATCH: Ghost in the Shell Official Trailer 1   

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