Can You Spot Avengers Tower In Doctor Strange Trailer 2


I just can’t tell you how excited I am right now as Doctor Strange Trailer 2 is out, which looks pretty badass awesome. But do you have the eye to catch the Avengers Tower being destroyed in this trailer.

If you’re done watching the Trailer and still can find where it was, well a little hint it’s after 1-minute mark and before 2-minute mark.

Well trailer looks amazing, VFX is top notch, but I am wondering it’s going to be Sherlock Holmes vs Hannibal lol, anyways while watching the trailer you might have felt that you’re watching The Matrix or Inception and I like how the background music sounds similar to Avengers Ago Of Ultron and shared the same darkish theme.

Btw who cares about the opinion of a ghost like me. Humans are still going to hit cinemas and help make this Marvel Film, Millions or maybe Billions. #WhoKnows

If you’re still scratching your head to figure-out where that bloody tower is, then go dig the comments section, where all you humans usually spoil the fun.