Meet The Egyptian Pyramid in Australia Turned Into A Mountain Over Time


Yes you’re reading it correctly, Ancient Egyptian Pyramid in Australia which turned into a mountain over time is now getting the voice of amateur archaeologists.


According to a study, this Aussie Pyramid was built somewhere around 5,000 years ago by Ancient Egyptians who were the first one’s to visit the mainland Australia and they arrived by boats at Cape York, from where ancient egyptian explorers made their way to Queensland, along the east coast and then down into New South Wales.


So if this study is true, then Captain Cook and the First Fleet were not the first foreign visitors to Australia.

Scroll down for videos are images which will give you a glimpse how this Pyramid looks like from a Road leading straight to it and a awesome drone video with pretty badass background music which will give you the divine vibe from top of this Egyptian Pyramid in Australia.


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922 meters tall Egyptian Pyramid in Australia is located just 30 minutes from popular coastal city.

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This is the badass drone eye video from 922 meters tall Ancient Australian Pyramid.

Here is the video which might be loved by Conspiracy Theories 😉

Well if you will take an advice of Ghost like me, It is totally possible that this is indeed a man made structure as according to Hindus living in India who believe that India was connected with Australia and Africa through a now Lost Continent, which sank in the depths of Indian Ocean. Hindus call it Kumari Kandam and its Video can be viewed on next page.


Thumbnail Source: Youtube/MysteryHistory | @jacintapink | @linnsommar

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