OUTRAGEOUS!!! Old Sikh Man Beaten By Religious Police In Broad Day Light


A video which was recently uploaded on social media shows an Old Sikh Man Beaten in broad daylight by religious police in South-east Asian country India. It’s more shocking to see this video, as Sikh’s have the image of generous people and this is first time such cruel video involving Sikhs have emerged.

Original Video Description:

The men being beaten up are Sikh priests accused of offering ritual prayers at places prohibited by the Sikh faith. And without permission of the Temple bosses. Punished for praying to the divine at an inappropriate place. Unbelievable!!! Nothing justifies the Taliban like behaviour of these Sikh priests. The man doing the commentary says, “if you do mistakes that deserve a beating, then do not complain if you are beaten up.

As seen in video helpless men are begging for mercy while heartless thugs giggled and justified their actions in the name of religion. Thugs didn’t just stopped at hitting the men with Bamboo Stick, just after the old man stood up due to pain, thugs standing nearby started punching the old man in back, We hope these coward are brought to justice asap.

* NOTE: If you’ve any information you would like to share about this case, then please feel free to write us.