Pluto Have 10 Miles Factory Spewing Smoke And NASA Tried To Label It As Cloud


If you believe this Conspiracy Theorist which shows Pluto Have 10 Miles Factory spewing smoke. We all Truth diggers aka truthers already knows that people at NASA are good at propaganda to hide the truth about aliens from the general public.


According to very popular Conspiracy Theorist Youtuber SecureTeam10, Nasa reached Dwarf planet Pluto three years before it publicly announced the arrival (IS THIS STRONGEST PROOF: NASA CAUGHT PHOTOSHOPING PLUTO IMAGES), according to video below, NASA actually tried to make fun of Alien hunters by pre-releasing the information and labeling the glowing pluto spot as cloud, because NASA guys were aware as image was made public on New Horizons Spacecraft website and Truthers will start to raise the question about the strange looking thing on Dwarf Planet Pluto.

I don’t want to jump to any conclusion, so I will highly recommend you to watch the video, It will clear if the world is really full of crazy mysteries and if we all are lucky, then this might actually be a 10 miles factory helping Aliens to create weapons of mass destruction LOL.

BTW I love clouds and smoke because they’re freaking and almost look like me aka Ghosts 😆