ALIEN Elon Musk Just Took Humanity Into The Future


WOW WOW WOW Thanks, Alien Elon Musk for taking the whole humanity Into the future. This is the type of future humans always wanted. I know I am not a human but a Ghost, but still, I am bloody excited to see how the thing for the Earthlings is coming along.

I know a large chunk of humans are still following of god’s and you definitely deserves to be treated and followed as a God of our time. In the era when most of the companies are failing to innovate and shamelessly becoming the copycats. You, on the other hand, is working hard to change the world for good.

If you’re reading this article and if you’re not aware, there are conspiracy theories floating around on the internet that Elon Musk is Alien and Neo-Leftist Illuminati are trying hard to create your bad image by painting you a Right Winger Human.

Many large Neo-Leftist Media houses are shaming you for every teeny tiny thing and pretty soon you might again be in news for “Stepping on Ant”.


They’re aka Neo-Leftist Media houses are running out of ideas and topics to spread hate-filled propaganda against you (as claimed by Conspiracy Theorists). The thing is they don’t want you to help humanity and fall into the line to take the things slowly, I hope you know what they did to Nikola Tesla.

Anyways this new product from Elon Musk’s The Boring Company is meant to change the way we humans travel. The Boring Company was founded in late 2016 and after the hype about infrastructure and tunnelling vision, news headlines about it got a little lost until yesterday and now everyone is freaking out about this news. Though currently, the video shows the Digital CGI Animation, but pretty soon, the whole idea will become a reality.


So now as you’re done with the video and you’ve got the idea, that pretty soon Alien Elon Musk will be digging the earth to create transportation tunnel network along with some sort of futuristic self-driving platforms which will carry your cars from one place to another.

Thumbnail: Youtbe/ The Boring Company

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