Can You Imagine CERN Was Inspired By These Shiva Lingas


But large number of people wants this machine to be stopped as they believe, this machine is the reason behind sharp increase in number of earthquakes across earth. Which usually happens just after machines is starts every year. According to conspiracy theorist community, when mini black holes are created, which last’s for milliseconds can do this much harm before they evaporate, imagine what will happen if any of those mini black holes will stay stable for 1 or 10 seconds.

Can-You-Imagine-CERN-Was-Inspired-By-These-Shivlingas-01These images of Shiva Lings were clicked in Karnataka, INDIA, where Shamala River which never drained before, witnessed major low water levels due to over consumption and drought. But it lead to amazing discovery of ancient secret.

Low water levels relieved hundred’s if not thousand’s of Shiva Lings or refereed in Sanskrit language as “Sahasralinga“.




Shiva Linga is aniconic representation of the Hindu deity, Lord Shiva. Who is Anant, one who is neither found born nor found dead. Shiva is also regarded as limitless, transcendent, unchanging and formless.

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