Does This Video Proves End Of Humanity IS Near


These days we usually talk about the End of humanity, but most of the time we fail to recognise the signs. A video which went viral on social media scoring more than 3 Million video views which also got countless likes, and share is a proof, Humanity still has some hope left.

The video was uploaded back in March on popular social media website Facebook, It seems to have been recorded somewhere in China. As you can see in the video a guy, who was riding a small bike was hit and ran by some heartless thug, But what’s more shocking is by passers didn’t even cared to pick him up or help him which he was fighting for his life on a busy road crossing.

It’s a proof, no matter if China can outpass the US and other developed economies near in future, it’s culture still has a long way ahead, which needs urgent attention.

NOTE: If you’ve any information regarding the health of the victim, then please feel free to write us.