On Or After 8th March Something Big Will Happen


UPDATE APRIL 18, 2016 : Massive Earthquakes across globe happening from last one week proves that our prediction was not totally wrong, Although it happen a month later, we wish we amateurs had more information to recognize the patterns to predict things, but we wish this post had got little more viewer attention.

Today is March 4, 2016 and this article was in draft mode since last month. We wish we had posted this little earlier to inform you about coming earthquake event. As one BigA** earthquake have already stuck somewhere in the Indian Ocean. (Note we’ve updated the article as one earthquake have already stuck, but another one might be on its way)

Now you might be wondering what’s with the “On or after 8th March Something Big Will Happen” headline actually means. Well, Three Main events will happen this month, in which One Asteroid, One Comet & Full Moon which might trigger the earthquakes on Earth.

FIRST: On 8th March 2016, Small Asteroid 2013 TX68 will fly by roughly 3 million miles (5 million kilometers) from our planet. There’s still a chance that it could pass closer, but certainly no closer than 15,000 miles (24,000 kilometers) above Earth’s surface. The new observations also better constrain the path of 2013 TX68 in future years, CNEOS has determined that 2013 TX68 cannot impact Earth over the next century.


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