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This TEDx talk’s video about Rape myths is a must watch video which will blow you away. It’s quite shocking that the things, we imagine can be so different from the things which actually happen in real life. Even while writing this post, I am thinking about the way presenter of this video Pavan Amara, was able to connect directly with the audience no matter if they were in front of her or watching her on screens, She asked people to imagine the scenarios and what everyone thought was completely different.

She perfectly explained the Rape Myths, which are actually very true. I will give you a clue ‘because I really want you to watch this video’ – To be very honest my thinking about people getting married totally changed after watching this. Maybe everyone or a large majority of females suffers marital rape’s due to the concept of marriage or they’re a minority, yet they still make a large number of sufferers and the concept of marriage need’s everyone’s urgent attention and a change too.

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