Shocking Movement Tiger Killed Chinese Woman


You must know how to respect the wildlife because it’s unforgiving. Video of Tiger killing Chinese women went viral in china as she leaves the safety of the car in a very dumb act to be sure. In recent days more and more stupid acts like this one have started happening all across the globe.

According to reports, she left the car after a heated argument with her family and paid the price with her precious life. Being a ghost I can only wish her to have a happy life in this dimension, but I hope she will realise that she have left many people broken for life in the dimension she used to live as a human.


It’s a stark warning why you must at every single second, respect the nature and wild animals, they’re not toys nor as emotional as most human beings are. If Tigers or any wild meat eater is hungry, he/ she will not think twice to send your soul into Dimension of Ghosts. while your loved ones will live a sad life till last breath.


This woman is safe but she was injured badly, while other woman was killed who rushed to her rescue and was snatched by another tiger, even while park rangers took quick action as seen in CCTV footage.

Source: RT

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