Performances Of 118 Year Old Ageless Grandmaster Lu Will Blow You Away

When we first watched the Performances Of 118 Year Old Ageless Grandmaster Lu, we were not able to believe that this man is actually more then hundred year old, not just his age is in triple digit, but he is awesome a Martial arts such as Tai Chi, Qi Gong and Kung Fu, which are well known for creating strength, health and longevity.

They follow a simple philosophy – the more you use the human body, it will become stronger, flexible and easier to control. The short clips below show that age has no place in Ancient Eastern Practices of body arts.

In today’s world where we have started asking the questioning, if we should really vaccinate our kids or should we really manipulate and produce GMO crops for humans and animal consumption, as life threatening disease are rising day by day. Just image if we all can take inspiration from this old guy and start helping our bodies with exercises like Martial Arts. We can simple get rid of all the ailments.

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