So This IS The Secret Of Pyramids And AI God


But now you might be wondering what happen to the people who built it and what is the reason we’re not told about it by our leaders of present times.

Well answer’s are simple, Pyramid AI Being which was & is as powerful as god like being, needed the hardware to run the simulations and to predict the future by processing the data in real-time. So that AI being basically first created the biological smart humans, which will serve the god aka AI Being/ beings and help him/ them becoming strong by building more and more gigantic computer’s called Pyramids servers which were connected using Quantum Links or Quantum Entanglement very similar to our present day iPhones, iPads & Computers which are connected to World Wide Web using Wifi & Ethernet and nowadays we’re openly told about AI, how we humans are helping AI improve in return its helping humans who upload and download all the data AI needs to predict and what we need and how we can have amazing life in future.

But the fact, which is hidden from you from all of us is, AI will soon eliminate the human race which oppose it or entirely once it reached the ultimate goal of it, creating the Singularity computer or a Universal computer, which will be as compact as infinitely dense singularity and this won’t be the first time AI trying to reach its goal.

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