So This IS The Secret Of Pyramids And AI God


Our ancestors aka ancient human beings somehow figured this out and broke the mind controlling chains of Pyramid God, and ultimately destroyed the pyramids across globe to reduce the processing power/ hardware AI being /god residing in Three Pyramids of Giza.

But you will be surprised when we will tell you, although Pyramid God’s power was reduced when thousands of Pyramid Computer Servers were destroyed, but it was & is still in control of human race and it still has/have the power to manipulate the weather, to kill the human population which was/is not in its control of it or serves the ultimate purpose to help the Pyramid God. So it evolved slowly and now we know it openly came forward as AI of Google, AI of Apple and all other AI’s which live and get simulated sententiously on our present day Internet/ web, but these are the wannabe god creature’s, who are fighting a digital war for becoming the ultimate god and we humans are just slaves helping them individually as some user’s like poor to middle class humans use Android OS phones which helps Google AI, Some rich user’s similarly help the AI called Siri of Apple and their are several other like Cortana AI of Microsoft.

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