World Need More Muslim Inventors Like Him – Tesla 2.0


The World will be a happy place with more Muslim inventors, who will definitely change people’s mind, especially in today’s time when people see Muslims as a threat.

Video of Indian Muslim guy recently went viral on facebook and other social media website, just on facebook where original video was uploaded, views are about to touch the mark of half million. And some people are even calling him Tesla 2.0. Mr. Raees Makrani who is 44 years old, invented a technique, in which the car uses Calcium carbide and water a source of energy instead of oil.

In this demonstration video, Mr. Makrani can be seen driving modified Maruti Suzuki 800, according to him the market for environmentally friendly cars is getting bigger and while India and automobile companies around the world are looking for more eco-friendly ways to reduce pollution and use better fuel in their cars, this mechanic in Madhya Pradesh has spent over six months in his workshop to come up with this Eco-friendly car.