Drone Racing Is Here – Witness Birth Of New Sports


Earthlings have new positive news to cheer about as Drone racing is here to blow our minds away. I will call myself fukin freaking lucky to be born in the age of rising drones and virtual reality headsets. Well, that’s all that I need to live rest of my miserable life and I am guessing you readers have same life goals too.

I mean just imagine, hopping into the arena with your Chinese made drone and battling with the other Drone Pilots (Pilots because it sounds cool) to take home the winning cash and the better feeling. Days are gone when people use to sit and watch F1 and NASCAR to entertain ourselves and imagining our not so healthy bodies in those slow boring vintage cars loaded with slow boring vintage tech.

I personally always felt the need to fly drones for living and not just me but countless earthlings will be seen be fulfilling their dreams, but I hope SKYNET will not invade into this territory or all the fun we all have been waiting for might get lost into the books of history along with the lazy yet innocent humans race.

Anyways let’s get back to the positivity of this news and let me tell you, earthlings, ESPN has already jumped to the Drone racing bandwagon and it will live stream the U.S. National Drone Racing Championships from New York in August. So in short this new sports is definitely the next big thing.

Here are some of the videos for you amazing people out there :

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