2 Positive Rescue Stories, You Should Not Miss


These two positive rescue stories involving, Indian Stray dog rescuing a new born girl child from street dustbin and a amazing group of humans known as Pit Bulls and Parolees rescuing a starving mama dog, will instantly make you cry, but you will feel better about the positive work of positive being’s of our society.

Indian stray dog picks up new born girl child from a street dustbin and places her on somebody’s doorstep. Then she kept barking till someone opened the door of house.

Now the baby girl is in a hospital and alive, but i feel sad about how some of the humans badly treat stray dogs. I strongly believe they deserve bigger awards and better recognition than humans.

She softly holding the girl child
She is trying to dig baby girl out of street dustbin, while scorching heat coming from sun is making things worst.
Humans holding the baby girl in hospital after the dramatic rescue took place.
Umbilical cord can clearly be seen attached to baby girl.

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