You Will Stop Eating Animals After Watching This Video


We being human’s, love eating animals, but after watching this informative video you will stop eating animals or atleast start thinking about changing your taste. Dr. Melanie Joy, who is 49, completed her study on “The Secret Reason We Eat Meat” and that all started after she got very sick due to her loving non-veg meal.

I don’t want to explain everything, because i really want you to watch this video.

I will not lie, I am an Chicketarian, but i was also blind or maybe didn’t wanted to see how the chicken are killed, I just wanted to pleasure my taste buds, but now I alteast know why i should look the other way as “all life is precious” I totally stole that dialogue from tv series The walking dead.

Anyways if you can’t simply quit, so i will suggest you to start skipping the number of times you eat meat. Btw soon we will be able to 3d print any kind of flesh aka meat, so i am happy that future will be cruelty free.

Image Credit: Youtube