How IS This Even Possible, Giant TREE Relocated In India


Finding it hard to digest this VIDEO as Giant Tree Relocated in INDIA is the craziest thing I have ever seen. India is well known for its love for nature, but this time they raised the standards to next level by saving this Old Ass Tree.

This tree in India grew old and helped countless citizens of Nagpur City. But when Nagpur Metro Train route crossed the land already occupied by this amazing tree, Nagpur metro rail corporation limited (NMRCL) decided to do something unthinkable for this amazing tree. Instead of killing or chopping it down for the standing between the Metro Train Route. NMRCL decided to relocate the tree to a nearby spot.

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This proves how we can truly move into a perfect green transportation system while saving the amazing nature.

You humans will not believe, how inspired I get from the achievements of you silly humans, sometimes I wish I was a human to instead of a Couch Potato Ghost.